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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Question from Berta - UTS blocks

My question is - Is there a better way to piece a UTS block than the normal one?  I've been looking at blocks and all the embellishment seems to go up and down.  And I wondered if seams should take notice of this.  Have a  first for me UTS RR coming up and thought I'd ask.  Berta

What a great question and I have a long answer for you..  First I have never been in a UTS RR for two reasons... not my favorite colors and there is always a sameness about them...  It's like you are looking into an aquarium with the sand on the bottom and sea plants going up, a sunken treasure chest and a mermaid..
Since the water in the sea actually is in horizontal layers dictated by temperature and currents I see no reason for the seams to be vertical..  You can certainly add vertical needlework without regard for seams...in fact it adds more interest.

You didn't say if it were a traditional or DYB RR but either way if it were me I'd start doing some research and probably focus on one species or scene...  Maybe a huge grouper peering out from a rock cave and watching his prey or a large school of jellyfish presents all sorts of possibilities with beads, ribbons etc. I think a whole block of multicolored jellyfish has exciting possibilities... Try to think of doing something different and I will be watching..

Now having said that I did have to do just one traditional UTS block in an RR in which I was angel...  When the block arrived to me the obligatory treasure chest had already been added..  But I was thinking currents and looking down from above and  wanted a circular motion...  I began thinking "sea life on parade" and added the large beaded fish, the school of little fishes, the family of turtles and the dolphins on the wavy seam. (an of course the button)

Thanks for asking your question and remember.... DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT!!!!!


  1. Thank you Gerry for this new blog, now I understand more how block gain life. Jocelyne, New Jersey

  2. Gerry, this is a great blog! I so much enjoy reading it. When that article on my forget-me-not block came out, I had just been looking ove it wondering what I should make with it. It's really the most beautiful block I have ever seen. Many thanks to all you gals.

  3. Gerry,
    Thank you for this blog. I found it yesterday and was having trouble leaving a comment. I read all the posts and I will read them again. I always learn something from you with each post. As I am fairly new to all this, you are a wealth of information and encouragement.