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Friday, August 19, 2011

Quick Post

Gerry is  recovering for a few days from a medical problem and I'm tending her  lovingly.  Monday I  have surgery and hopefully she'll be well enough to tend me lovingly.  We're behind  on posts, emails and all else... Sorry


  1. Hope you both will be back to your normal frisky selfs in no time at all!

  2. I hope that Gerry is fast going to recover it is the main part!
    Good luck to her!

    Beautiful day

  3. Hope you're both well, soon. Take care of each other.

  4. Nurse Good Bone,
    I hope you are taking good care of her. You may try some of these tricks to get her to feeling better. Make her "roll over" for her pills. "Sit" for a pillow fluffing. Most importantly "Beg" for you to fetch her stitching, when she gets bored. If she can learn all these tricks, she will be better in no time!
    Hope you feel better soon!