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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Framing Options - noun or verb???

 a border or case  enclosing a picture,  etc.
 to form or make, as by fitting and uniting parts together .
I have been following Pam Kellogg's progress with her Marie Antoinette quilt for some months.. She has all her blocks done now and they are just dripping with elegance and opulence. And that is just how she chose to enclose or "frame" all her pictures of Marie Antoinette. 
Any conventional frame would have been completely out of character with the theme of the project... You will notice that her treatment fits the verb definition of the word "frame".... fitting and uniting parts together.  With the colors in the gowns as her guide Pam has used bits and pieces to completely enclose the images.  Over the next few posts I will be sharing lots of options for "framing"..especially frames that suit the block or image. 
To see all nine of the blocks go to Pam's blog....   She is just now getting ready to piece it together and I for one don't want to miss that....   Pam  is planning to start classes at her home and I was going to tell you about them but I couldn't make them sound as nearly as inviting as Pam does....
According to Pam: " The thing about my classes that I would like people to know is that it will be a lovely ladies day.  I'm planning on healthy homemade lunches and my homemade cookies and muffins.  Our home is a cottage in a very woodsy, area near a lake.  It's warm and cozy here, very comforting and charming.  I would just like people to know that my classes will be small, personable and will have an old fashioned comfort to them.  Like a quilting bee! 

Doesn't sound like just the perfect way to spend a day.... with lovely ladies... 


  1. How lovely- so elegant. Jane

  2. I had NO idea that this quilt was underway! I don't read Pam Kellogg's blog...Sorry...can't stay...I'm running off to find her...I have a collection box for a Marie Antoinette quilt though my mind's eye's quilt is very different from hers but still, it's great to find a kindred spirit!@ Bye for now!