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Friday, June 3, 2011

Embroidery on Prints

This block is by Ritva in Finland..   Her work is always exquisite and delicate. Reminds me a lot of Maire Courtney's who has not been active for very long time and I miss her.

But in a recent post I showed how Cathy K. used ribbons and beads to turn a print into a motif and here is another example by Ritva who did it with just stitches.. simple and elegant solution. 

And speaking of Cathy K. you might want to pop over to her blog as she posted about a busy print block she is just finishing.  This subject has come up often.

My brain has been buzzing with ideas for Margreet's blocks which I hope to be in today's mail when I go to town.... I'm ready for an attack of "whimsy."


  1. Ritva's work is always stunning! Nice to get another look at this one!

  2. Ritva always does beautiful work. Wonderful to see how she has stitched the fabric pattern!

  3. I love what she did with this block. Jane