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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

More Framing Options

 On the left is how the image on one of my blocks left home with a simple lace and cording treatment...  But Jo N. ran a climbing rose up one side and pearls down the other... The contrast between the two added more interest to this frame..  Also notice the satin cording around the inside of the frame...  It is just super for securing images and looks pretty also... I bought yards and yards of this cording in all colors in CT.

This little vignette was on Lindy's block in a spider RR and was stitched by Marya.  She also used cording in addition to the glass leaves to make a delightful frame for the kitty and the spider... By "framing" this little scene your eye goes right to the action... I love little vignettes, scenes, stories and use them a LOT...

This clever composite frame actually captures the spirit of this wild child.... It was stitched by Laurie B.who must have looked like that child when she was little... This is a GREAT button trail..  It's a wonderful combination of beads, charms, and buttons of all kinds. sizes and colors.  The blue and lavender buttons echo the color in the silkie... The button trail also varies in directions and width with the heaviest portion anchoring the lower left corner... If the buttons had gone all the way around the image they would have overwhelmed it... The lighter stitching on the other two sides is a nice contrast..
And there's that word again.... contrast.

This is my work in a really old Roses RR and I included it because I wanted you to notice all the beading around the inside of the frame...  It does look pretty but its main purpose is to really secure the silkie in place and anchor it..

So framing is far more than just a box around something..  It should be in harmony with what it frames and also add interest to the block.

The next post will include the patch as part of the "frame."

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