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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Comments on Vivenne's latest block....

 Vivienne invited comments and you know I always have an opinion and what an elegant block to discuss.  She herself commented that someone asked her if it was a communion block and I can see why...  the angel is such a dominant feature.  After reading your blog I get the impression that you intended the focus to be on the bounty of your valley.  So with the magic of photoshop I do have a suggestion or two.

So if the focus  on the bounty of your valley  is the case I think you need a much LARGER sun to be the focus rather than the angel.. and definitely one more butterfly!!  The fine line gold thread on the spider and around the sun is a lovely accent and would be worth extending into the upper right..

I don't think you should really want your style to stay the same....it should always be growing and expanding..   The more things you experiment with will add depth and complexity to your  antique Victorian/Edwardian romantic work.. 

And for heaven's sake where are the chocolates????  It really a gorgeous block and kudos to you for attracting attention on your train...  Make up little cards with websites about CQ and pass them out to folks who show an interest.

AND read the comments as Cathy K. has a great tip for sewing on charms...


  1. Viv’s blocks are always lovely, aren’t they? She has become a master at tone-on-tone embellishment.

    Seeing this block reminds me of a tip I would like to share that I figured out early on in my stitching days. When adding a charm to your work, if it has a hanging loop, there is a way to visually make it go away. If you sew on the charm through the loop, match the thread to the background fabric and cover the entire loop. It doesn’t make it invisible, of course, but the eye will often miss it, “reading” it into the fabric. It’s much less of a distraction.

  2. WOW that is just awesome on how the eye goes to the sun and I love the upper corner accented with the gold stitching too! LOVELY critique Gerry!

  3. Cathy I did this once or twice and thought WOW and dummy here forgot to continue later on!!! Will have to get back to this tip. Thank you.

  4. This blog is so awesome Gerry, I look forward to each and every post. Love your view of this block, wonderful ideas!!

  5. Amazing what a few changes/additions make.