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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Do you see what I see!!!

Now that I've gone on and on about focal points and framing I want to switch gears...  Overall balanced stitching is another approach  seen in CQ blocks.  The needlework actually works like a texture on the block as a whole..  This is such a block.. Your eye is not drawn to any one area and all the seam stitching is similar in size, pattern and color.

This block goes back several years in the CQNovice group and belonged to Susan...  It was worked on by Emmy, Ruthie, Cathy and Beryl.
There are a lot of fun details going on in this block and I want to be sure you see them all... many have to do with seam treatments or NO seam treatments

1. The first is my favorite... it's this motif that goes across two patches and creates a bridge  that carries your eye right across the patch... probably the most important element on the block... (If it were my block coming home I would add a little something above the pink patch to balance the seam treatment above the green patch)

2.This little spray of flowers again envelopes the seam and fills the area and brings your eye to the little bridge.

3.  Wisely the stitchers chose to ignore the two busy patches with the yellow daisies and anything that would make an impact on them would be too much...  If they were to have anything done it should   be very simple like beads in center of the  daisies...  But the lower right patch is another story.  Even though it is a busy fabric, its blooms are large enough and close enough to create  a background for the butterfly.

 4. The seam treatment on these two seams are different but very similar and it's carried over into the block.. simple, delicate, effective and works great with the butterfly.

5. The butterflies are very close in size and spaced nicely around the block...  The overall stitching on the blue patch is very similar in shape, color and size of the butterflies..  It is a very subtle and elegant addition.

Finally this brings me to one of my favorite subjects... treatments of worrisome little corner patches and this one is so clever..  Something on the seams would have emphasized how small it is... but by adding the visual "faux" seam with a stem stitch the patch is extended... If you keep a scrapbook of techniques, you should definitely include this one and I certainly am...

All in all this is a great block and an example of exemplary teamwork.  EVERYONE paid attention to the block and also paid attention to  each other's additions.


  1. The block appears well balanced overall. Great idea in extending the seamline by creating a "faux" seam - will make note of this for sure.

  2. Gerry, thanks for analyzing this block so thoroughly. It really helps me to get your perspective on things.