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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Frames and Project Rescue

Opposite from opulent and encrusted is this delicate light approach to framing an image..  This is quite recent and is by Alice T. for Aida.  Especially notice how the fly stitches and beads integrate the image right out into the block.. The defined edges of the image are softened...  I'm partial to any treatment (like this one and like Pam's in the previous post) that merges an image into the block itself..

And a tiny thing that pleased me... Alice used the beads in chain stitch around the image but look closely at the upper right...  She echoed that by using knots in chain stitches on the seam... Those little echos whether technique, color, shape, etc. help bring a block together...  Thank you Alice.

Now an explanation on what blocks I'm using and why...  For the most part at the beginning of this new blog I'll be using images from older RRs...  Not that they are any better than current work being done but because they are being lost.  The sheer number of ongoing RRs and the limited storage available on Yahoo dictates the older RR files disappear..  So I am trying to rescue examples of my favorite stitching  before it is gone and also add newer stitching besides...  Likewise I'll use a lot of my own work on RRs just because I still have all the photos easily accessible on my computer...   I spend a good deal of time searching in vain  for some of my favorite blocks.  So bear with me and thanks to all who have generously allowed me to "block talk" about their work....

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