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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Blocks leaving home...

When you join a round robin you will be sending blocks to your other RR members...  These are like invitations to them to do their best work for you... What you send is actually the canvas for their art, the stage for their creativity and the backdrop for all their time and effort...

I spent some time in the archives and chose of variety of blocks and types of construction.This block by Aida would be perfect for any crazy quilting.. It is typical construction with a 5 sided center. 

This block was done by Jody and a good example of how the color and mood can be set by the block itself..  There plenty of contrast in texture, fabric, color on this block.
Beryl's block is almost all prints but they are subtle and tone on tone so every patch would make a good backdrop for stitching.

This set of blocks by Misty is intensely colorful and almost all prints again...but prints that can show off any stitching done.  DMC has a set of "neon" threads that I bought to use on a block of Laurie Bs and they would work well with this block..  Strong color blocks needs strong colors of thread.

I believe this block was by Alice and shows a different approach to patching... Later I will show this block finished.
This was pieced to the Fans RR several years ago by Leslie E. Again it has prints that are soft and workable.. It also has a wide variety of fabrics.. including silks, satins, velvets and brocades.

Laurie B made this block for the Spider RR and it is all fancies that are either patterned or textured.  She wanted a fanciful garden and set the stage herself with the swing. Often the block creator puts lace, silkies or other elements on the blocks before they leave.
Finally here is a block by Gerry H whose blocks are masterpieces when they leave home.  She provides the very best blocks to work on.  Again I will later show this one already finished....

Do you see a point I'm making.. Blocks can be all colors, all kinds of fabrics, all kinds of patches, all kinds of textures, and all kinds of patterns but they all have to still provide the stage, the canvas, the backdrop for the efforts of the stitchers who will be doing their best for you... When you make your fabric choices this should be foremost in your mind...

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