I LOVE talking about blocks, studying blocks, and playing with them in Photoshop... I am always on a quest for great blocks and trying to figure out what makes them so great ... So I started this companion blog that will be devoted to this quest. But also check out my regular blog at http://olderrose.blogspot.com

Monday, July 11, 2011

What's most important is what you send out - not what you get back!

What's most important is what you send out - not what you get back OR "Why I love round robins!" ...  Every time you work on someones block during a round robin, you are working outside your comfort zone and I guarantee you will be a better stitcher for it.  You will use themes, colors, and fabrics that would have never have been your choice and you benefit  every time you complete one..  Any time you can work outside of your comfort zone, go for it... It is so easy to fall into a rut with your "own thing." Many like the Mari Gras and the "purple and orange" blocks were really challenging for me.

Not only that, in the process you will get to handle and examine work by others in a way that will expose you to new ideas, new materials and different techniques..... and along the way make new friends..
You may or may not get back the blocks of your dreams but, heck, they're your blocks and you can change them as you like.....and I do...  but that's another whole subject I'll get into this fall.

Here are just some of the round robin blocks I have done for others over the past few years.  I always commit myself to do my best for others and do my share and plus some...

And it is so pleasing to know work I have done is now in homes around the world...  That is so much better than working in my own little rut!!!

So I urge anyone new to CQ or CQI to jump right into round robins... YOU have everything to gain.


  1. I have become involved in a Round Robin for the first time. It is great to hold the block in your hand and see what the others have done with it. It is like seeing the block through their eyes. Stitches that are new and different, maybe the next ones you stitch after seeing their beauty!

  2. Oh Miss Gerry, your work never dissapoints! I love and admire all the work you do and I will pull up my chair next to your any day...shortstuff Debbie (Maine)

  3. What an incredible selection - such variety!

  4. This is just so GREAT for all to read, novice and experienced - we all have room to grow!!! And what a lovely idea to put the pics of each persons' blocks into one to showcase your own works! A great portfolio to have on hand!

  5. Well, it took the better part of the day for the photos to load on my crappy internet connection but it was worth it! I love looking at these blocks - lovely work, as always!

  6. Gerry, I have only just discovered your this Blog, lovely photos and information with inspiration... I recognize one of these blocks as mine, and thank you for your beautiful contribution to it...
    Thanks for sharing - Faye