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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My two cents worth for Ruby!!!

Whenever I receive a round robin block home I add to it...  After all it's my block and I'm part of the team... Sometimes I might also move or remove something...but I ALWAYS add something.  So I received the following note from Ruby with a photo of her block... (FFT#15 worked on by Katy Johnson, Pam Pincha-Wagener, Linda Mageske, and Judy Rychnowski.) 

"Hi Gerry! I immensely enjoy your block talk. I have just received my fabulous first timer block home. There are a few small spaces that might allow me to do some stitching. I would appreciate any comments you'd care to make." 

Well of course I always can put in my two cents worth but keep in mind that it's just my opinion and it may only worth two cents.

First there are three small optional areas..
1.  I'd add a few leaves to this flower in the lower right corner...

2.  I can't quite tell from the photo you sent but it looks like a rambling rose behind the tatted lady... If that is the case I'd let it ramble a bit farther into the empty blue patch.

3.The are some really interesting seams on this block and this one upper left could use another pass or two added to it..

4.  Now for a bigger impact I'd take advantage of the marvelous white flower spray by the pink roses (upper center) by echoing some of that white and greenery going out the other way into the empty pink block..  making it an arc shape.

5.  But here is you chance to make a huge impact on this block...  At the moment the lace upper left, the tatted lady and the fan all occupy about the same visual space.  I would focus on the fan and make it the main focal point.. Leave the lace on the side but add a larger, fancier  piece across the top of the fan and then with stitching and beading I'd embellish the heck out of that fan.......

Of course it would be great finished with a burgundy border with some lace in the ditch and some fancy beaded fringe across the bottom.....

Now whatever you decide to do you must send me a photo when you're finished...  Great Block..... Happy Stitching!


  1. Thank you ever so much!! Wish I had $ to tell you how much I appreciate this. It'd be 2 cents times 10,000!!!

  2. These are all great tips, Gerry. What I think is totally amazing is how lovely this block is even BEFORE any tweaks - it says a lot for the wonderful ladies who stitched on this “Fabulous First-Timer” block!!! Lucky Ruby! Hugs, Cathy

  3. I am one who worked on Ruby's block.When you work on a block do you infringe on another's work to make it flow??? Or should the owner of the block who does have the right add the extras? I must confess I did a bad thing by not researching where the top was. After the lady was stitched down with all the silk roses I noticed TOP in the other direction. Oh No!! I contacted Ruby and she said it was ok. I was the 3rd person to stitch on and I just followed the flow not the instructions.
    Linda in NM

  4. Worth far more than 2 cents Gerry! For a first time block, this is incredible. Love all your suggestions so will look forward seeing what Ruby does.

  5. Very interesting... I hope to see the final product here at some later date.

    I've been lucky enough to be in a few RRs with Ruby and she does lovely work.

    Cathy L

  6. Wow Gerry I love and read with wide eyes on how you disect a block and tell us what and where and how and why you would do something or add something and it is very much appreciated.....