I LOVE talking about blocks, studying blocks, and playing with them in Photoshop... I am always on a quest for great blocks and trying to figure out what makes them so great ... So I started this companion blog that will be devoted to this quest. But also check out my regular blog at http://olderrose.blogspot.com

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Subtle repetition.

I have a dear friend whose home's interior is modern/shaker/primitive... She's extremely adept at mixing the very old with the very modern...  I love to visit and just sit in her house..  It is so healing and relaxing...  That is how I feel about visiting Lisa's blog and about her work... Her photography, her home, her garden, her sketch book and her philosophy are all reflected in her work...  It's all is very healing and relaxing for me. Even among her list of favorite words are peaceful, serenity and contentment..

This is a small DYB block ...only 6" but how lovely it is. Lisa does the most beautiful ribbon flower, especially pansies but for a different reason I am posting this particular block...

Sometimes repetition in the smallest and most subtle ways can unify a block.  And in this block it is the little flowers with the bead pedals and the similar shaped beads repeated in almost all the seams.. When you look closely you see it throughout the block  And notice the button with the beads filling the little worrisome corner lower left...

In addition the most elaborate of the seams form a strong triangle which captures your eye and hold it in the block..  So in essence even though the pansy is the showstopper, it is the seam work that is pulling the load.  Enjoy!!

As a contrast my favorite word pairs on my blog include handy man, hired help and thrift store... Hmmmmm maybe I had better rethink my word philosophy....


  1. Oh this is beautiful Gerry..thank you for the breakdown on this block because now that you have described the "details" of it I can see it and it makes allot of sense. It is beautiful

  2. I have admired this block in the past Gerry but had never really "noticed" the triangle shape. No wonder my eye was drawn there!

  3. Hi Gerry, love your new blog! I think a lot of crazy quilters will find this helpful and interesting! I added this to my blog list in my sidebar! Hugs, Pam

  4. Thanks Gerry for the lovely look back at this block! I loved working on it and it's a pleasure to take a new look at it through your eyes!