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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Answer to question on RR etiquette

 When you work on a block do you infringe on another's work to make it flow??? Or should the owner of the block..... add the extras? ......Linda in NM

Well personally I rarely disturb anyone's work...But on a couple occasions I have needed to move something but I ALWAYS contacted the stitcher and owner for permission. 

On my left is a good example of teamwork in just that kind of situation..  (This is my block  in 2008)  In the top photo Leslie had done bead work and added a button cluster just above the silkie.... When the block got to Ati that is where she wanted to do a floral spray...  She contacted both Leslie and myself for permission to move the buttons. (second photo) She added her floral spray and moved the buttons lower left.

And it all mattered not as when the block returned home to me I replaced the button trail with a trail of hearts... I used the smaller buttons here and there and painted a rose on the largest one and put it by the silkie.

This is just a small section of that block and one day I will do a critique on the entire block as there is a lot to learn from it and it was an incredible bunch of stitchers...

So in answer to your question....Being last to work on the block before it goes home certainly give you a little more freedom and allows you to add here and there overall to bring things together before it goes home.  But the general rule is to not to infringe on other's work and do leave the final design decisions to the block owner.... But if you need extra space or for some other reason, CONTACT the stitchers..  Teamwork and communication are absolutely vital in RRs.

Now having said all that I DO often work into, mesh with, and extend stitching of others... and on the left is a good example... I needed a lot of space for my hummingbird vision and wanted to use that worrisome little corner  so I worked all over and through someone else's seam work.



  1. Thanks for the info. I can see the owner making changes but not someone else. I had someone comment on my work and it was Katy's work. So the next pics I took on my stitching I made sure I covered all others.I see how your hummers flow into and around someone's work and is beautifully done without disturbing their work. Thank you for the lesson!!! Linda in NM

  2. I find it interesting how each of the blocks look so different. The final block has brought all the best elements together. When you removed the necklace from the second block did it not leave behind traces of the stitching?