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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Another round of Artist RR blocks....

Unless I travel to a retreat I never get to fondle CQ by others except for round robins.  It's a special treat when a big envelope arrives and there is often work often from stitchers...  I'm usually in several round robins at a time but because of circumstances this year I'm in only one..  So the big envelopes are few and far between and the one that arrived yesterday was really special..... 

This was sent by Gayle S. and the blocks were assembled by Ritva for the Artist DYOB RR.  The
Finish artist was Ferninand Von Wright  and Ritva chose a collection of his paintings of Finish birds in their natural habitat.

I was really doing a happy dance because Gayle did her birds on felt using the tutorial on my other blog....and they just so plump and happy...     She used wool for the nest.  Take a close look at her tree as it is creased fabric from a jacket.  I immediately ran out to the barn and pulled out some very similar tan fabric out of the discard bin. It  will dye beautifully.   Cathy and I both looked at it and never thought trees... I will have to send Cathy a piece.  And to think I could have thrown it away.

I love all seams but have a special fondness for clever seams that are pictorial.... so please note the seam Gayle has done resembling a row of houses...  In the background of the painting that Gayle was using as inspiration there are some buildings...  This is how she chose to represent them......very clever.

Gayle's piece not only captures the spirit of the painting it is very compatible with the work Helina did before her.  This is a really important part of the teamwork in DYOB round robins.

I'll also  be doing birds on felt but my piece will also have a lot of flowers in the composition which I haven't done for a while..  I've been wanting to do a floral surface ever since Sharon's class.. and this will be something easy to carry along.  I'm finding it impossible to take the suffrage blocks to lots of places...like to have the car serviced tomorrow.


  1. Oh Gerry, first the old lace and now the crinkled fabric. You know what this means, don’t you? We are never going to throw ANYTHING away again, and one of us (that isn’t me) will go down in CQ History as The Winner by virtue of having The Most Massive Stash. Or we’ll be reported to the Hoarders show. But better that than missing out on the perfect embellishment, right?

    Gayle did a marvelous job on that block, and I am nearly drooling with anticipation of what you will do. What a fun round robin this has turned into, eh?

    Now, don’t forget to save and send me some of your crinkled fabric, and I found a whole spool of gimp that I will send you some of in exchange.


  2. I love how these blocks where pieced in a style much like blocking in a painting background. The needle being your paintbrush!