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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Problem solving on hanky quilt....


I knew from the very beginning that I needed a LOT of blue to compensate for the power of the red and I am a long way from that point yet...

Right now the red and blue have about equal weight.

I will have a lot more blue when all the birds are on and when the beading is done but the rose lower right is just too large.  If I remove it all together it leaves the block unbalanced.  So I ordered another hanky with a smaller rose to replace it.

Today Tip:  You will find often you need to butt hankies up against each other like the two on the left..  The color, fabric and textures of the two are not the least compatible.

To make this pairing work you need to have a rather dramatic transition different in color and texture of the two hankies..  In this case I did a series of scallops in variegated blue French knots which solved the problem quite nicely...


  1. this is looking delightful, such a lovely project, I do like pretty hankies but do not often see them anymore, the paper variety has replaced them

  2. Your lessons on hankies is just what I need right now. So many have been given to me & I want to use them in some way. Thank you for sharing your experiences & knowledge with us.