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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Fans RR2 and tip for the day

 This is my progress so far on Judy's fan block..  Her center fan section has silver in it... I seldom get to use silver so I had lots of silver treasures to use...  As you can see I stuck to her colors of blue and white... You can never go wrong building on the colors already in a block.

But at this point I want to introduce another color and it will probably be pink or yellow...

Judy said she'd like a spider web and I can do that at the bottom and although she didn't ask for a bird, I can never resist adding one.

Tip for the day:  So you have to do a seam on a very busy pattern and you know it will just disappear.  Well this is the perfect time to stack chain stitches together..2 or more layers. They will hold their own against any pattern..... I guarantee it.


  1. Beautiful Gerry! Gives me lots of ideas for when those lovely blocks arrive on my doorstep to work on!

  2. lovely stitchery and quite right too to add your very pretty bird