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Friday, January 31, 2014

Tips on Hanky Construction

The lower left section is pretty much set as it is going to be....  The large piece of lace in the center will showcase one of these bluebird motifs in progress.

Today's tip 1:   When shopping in bins of vintage linens don't overlook pieces with no embroidery or pieces with poor embroidery but a nice edge.  You will find these real treasures  doing hanky pieces but also ALL the time in regular CQ... I just cut out the linen section and keep the edges.

Plus these are usually the cheapest pieces..

With the hankies I use them to finish off unfinished edge as well as layered with other laces as well

Today's Tip #2:  Buy things even when you're not quite sure when you'll use them... These circles of crocheted circles have been in my stash for years.

On many of the hankies there were small embroidered motifs (some not anywhere near a corner)  I will cut them out and put them in a circle and they will be perfect for filling an odd spot here and there....plus they're not a point.

Today's Tip #3:  When you are coming to   where several things are going to eventually overlap.... only stitch to about 1-1 1/2" to the end of the patch (trim, lace, etc.)  If you leave the ends loose   you have the option of trying them several ways before finalizing.

At this point I'm not sure which order these pieces will intersect but I'll show this to you when it is finished.

Today's Tip #4:  Even the smallest spots can make a big impression... Since I'm using every opportunity to add more blue to this work, I cut  a circle from that blue silk tie and put this tatted circle over it...

I was out as soon as  it was light to pull the snow off the greenhouse with a special tool with a 12' handle.  It took close to an hour because the tool is so long and awkward and I kept falling back into the snow.   So I am ready for a nice nap with Morris before I assemble the sitting bench..


  1. lots of very useful tips here Gerry, many thanks

  2. Thank you, Gerry, for sharing these wonderful tips!

  3. Gerry, I really am attracted to quilts made using vintage handkerchiefs. They always look so delicate. I appreciate the tips you have shared and look forward to seeing your completed quilt.