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Monday, January 20, 2014

My Observations on Hanky Harmony

My group of CQ stitchers have been planning for this hanky project since last  fall.  Last month we had a mountain of hankies on the table to sort.  Next Saturday we will begin the "laying of the hankies"  Luckily I have lots of folding tables...enough for one for each person.

I looked at a LOT of hanky quilts and some I liked better than others....aside from the colors themselves.  But the busyness of the hankies made it difficult to pinpoint why I liked some better.  So I outlined the arrangement of the hankies of some quilts and then removed the hankies to see if a pattern emerged....and it did.

The vast majority of hanky quilts had their focal point dead center and all the hankies pointing like arrows to it... I liked this arrangement the least.

I definitely liked the hanky quilts better which had the focal point off center.  It added much more interest to the piece.

There was a wide variety in the number of hankies on a quilt as you can see.  I know I want to incorporate extra lace and opportunities for fancy seams so I will opt for a fewer number of hankies.  Also when the maximum amount of hankies were used they all ended up about the same size.  I liked the ones that had more diversity in the size of the hankies placed.

So when I start to position everything on Saturday I know now that I want my focal point off center AND will keep in mind to add variety to both the size of the hanky showing and the direction of the points...


  1. wonderful - really enjoy your posts & your blog - :)

  2. Thanks for your post - I always see things clearer after reading one of your block talks.

  3. Thanks for the comments, Gerry. Hankies seem to be getting more popular than ever and I'm in the middle of it myself, so all information is helpful. I've done a very formal arrangement and like it but want to divert from the typical. Your size and positioning thoughts are interesting.

  4. Oooo...so wonderful, can't wait to see more!