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Sunday, January 26, 2014

Something besides points...

As I mentioned in the previous post one of my objectives was to not have points all pointing in the same direction....in fact I do not want ALL points which is just what you get with using just hankies...in fact again since hankies are pretty much the same size, you end up with LOTS of similar triangles..... So I am going to include a good many circles, ovals and curves.

I really like the effect of putting a curve behind a point.  I will use both circles and squares to add variety.

I plopped lots of the stuff on the foundation to just get a feel for the color balance.  I had enough red and pink and wanted more blue...which is not a color I usually use.  Before I went to any store, a trip to the barn was in order.

And sure enough, digging in several bins, I found 2 yummy silk ties the right shade, several linens with blue edges or blue lace, blue ribbon and blue rayon seam binding... AND  the bonus was the tea towel with a gorgeous embroidered blue morning glory on it.... I found 3 linens with rounded edges and the scalloped edge on the morning glory piece.  I will put them all to good use...

And just a few extra pinks that may work as well

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  1. your barn sounds like an aladdins cave, so many lovely pieces you have found for this project