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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Now the butterflies!!!

I have made some progress on Lisa's RR block.  I decided I'd better do the butterflies  before I add any more flowers or foliage...

No matter when vision I have when I start I ALWAYS  modify and change as I go along.  I wanted simply-shaped black and pink butterflies elaborately stitched or beaded.

But in reality they are going to have to be much smaller than I had originally thought so will not be as detailed as I had hoped.... 

I love all the glitz in this block and so have decided to use Krenik metallic threads in black and 2 shades of pink for the butterflies.  I am doing them off block and will applique them on...  Then I will go back in and fill in the floral motif... 


  1. My original vision of any project is very seldom what it ends up to be. But that's part of the process for me. Exciting news - we had a new person come to our sane quilting weekend and she is ecstatic because she has always wanted to try crazy quilting. I took in a bunch of stuff for her to see and now I'm going to have a stitching buddy - she only lives about 40 minutes away :)

  2. Isn't that lovely?!!! I just love pink but I think you probably already knew that! And Kreinik threads are a favorite of mine too!