I LOVE talking about blocks, studying blocks, and playing with them in Photoshop... I am always on a quest for great blocks and trying to figure out what makes them so great ... So I started this companion blog that will be devoted to this quest. But also check out my regular blog at http://olderrose.blogspot.com

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Which way is up????

 Once I have an idea  (like the bird on Judy’s block)) I post it on the blog before I stitch so the block owner has a chance to see it and to give any input.. I wanted Judy to see what I was going to do before I actually did it. 
 The question arose if the placement of the bird affected the directionality of the block..  When I posted the block "on point" it looks like it might have done just that... But in actuality  it mattered not what position you put the fan..  I think it is because birds aren't "grounded" and are fluid in space.
  I always try to run things by the blog owners if I’m doing anything that might need approval.. ex:  I recently contacted Lisa Alff about adding colors besides black to the center of her block... good communication never hurts.

 How you are going to use your RRs is important.  Is it going to be a gift to someone else, part of a hanging etc.  If you know this may affect what stitchers do. I speak from experience that the more explicit you are in your booklet the happier you are with the results.
When I get a block returned that I'm not happy with it is always because I wasn't specific enough in my little booklet about what I wanted... 

sometimes you don't know until it happens... It is never too late to add to your directions...  On the same note things can be changed as a   block goes along...or when it comes home.  My most important advice:  "Remember the last person to work on any block is the owner and we don't want her to feel guilty about any changes she makes!!!!"



  1. looks good to me, like how you have twisted and played with it in the last photo

  2. This is so awesome...LOVE the colors = )