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Monday, October 15, 2012

My "two cents" for Lisa A.

 A note from Lisa A. "I was wondering if you would look at what I did on Rengin’s block that could have been better and where I am lacking and what needs work. I take criticism very well and look at it as a way to learn and improve my skills."  

I'm always hesitant to critique a block for fear of hurting someone's feelings.... but if they ask, you can be sure I always have an opinion.... But keep in mind it's only my opinion....someone else might see things entirely different.

There are a LOT of really nice things going on with this block... But the theme is Victorian Ladies and there is a lovely image that fits the theme, it is completely overwhelmed by the lace lady on the left.. It is much bigger and stronger and your eye just goes back and  forth between  the lace lady and dark flower center... Not that the lace lady couldn't be the perfect touch for another block....but not this one...

What do you have if you remove the lace figure.... a very lovely block indeed...  The block itself if monochromatic with just a dash of muted rose... a clue. There are three very strong angles on the right.... why not balance that with the only angle on the left...

The ribbon work in the triangle is lovely and the seam across the bottom is delightful and anchors the block perfectly...  I don't think the  sequin flower is needed where it is.  I would move it to the center of the flower cluster on the right.

Now about that angle...  I just used some snippets of the lace lady's skirt to create the fan shape to fill the angle and added some of Lisa's ribbon work to the other side of the image frame.... which is ruched ribbon and I do love.  You can see I put the sequin flower in place of the dark rose..

Now the  image is the main focus.... So I really only made one dramatic change.... the lace lady removal... other than that Lisa was on the right track.

Here are the two blocks together and you can form your own opinion..  and thank you Lisa for offering your block for me to discuss.

And once again that's   

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  1. Thank you so very much Gerry, I was amazed at your critique, it was very informative and gave me more to think about while doing these blocks, I almost wish I could get it back and redo that dramatic look of the bigger than life of a lace motif lady. I will hold your " Block Talk" about my block for Rengin in high regard. It is nice to have someone in the group who is very willing and on top of that, does an excellent job critiquing Thank you for being honest and sensitive at the same time. I just hope that everyone appreciates what you do. And by the way never be afraid to point out mistakes on any of my work, it is the best opportunity for me to learn instead of showing up at your door step. Thank you again. Hugs Lisa