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Friday, October 26, 2012

Creativity begets creativity

 I have a huge backlog of posts I want to put on this blog but this one has to be addressed first. 

The greatest forms of creativity are often sparked by  the creativity of others.  Art doesn't  exist in a vacuum and everything around us affects us if we are receptive.

I guarantee your work will improve just being exposed to the work of others and this is one of 

the reasons I urge everyone, new and experienced, to join round robins... 

As long as you stay isolated the slower your progression as it is so easy to stay in your comfort zone.

Few people can afford going to retreats or classes and joining a round robin actually brings a class to your doorstep...But if you're not ready to join a round robin then search out as many CQ blogs you can find to follow.. They are a poor substitute for holding the work of others but it is better than nothing.  

Then start an inspiration file of anything that gives you a "little shiver, tingle or spark" when you look at it...

• This is one of the most common brainstorm techniques for most artists,and if you aren’t already doing this you should. It’s easy to do and even easier to maintain. All you need to start is some place to keep images that inspire you.
• It can be a moleskin sketch book, an accordion file or a file on your computer. Every time you find something that inspires you or intrigues you throw it in your inspiration file.
• When you’re getting ready to brainstorm new ideas, pull out your artistic inspiration file and go to town. Reorganize it based on different criteria, such as color, or content or style.

I found this great article which should be of help....

8 Tips for Starting an Idea File


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  1. I do have an inspiration file on my computer. Usually it has things in it for a current project I'm working on but I think I need to expand it a lot :)