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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Surface embroidery does not need to be abstract...

Surface embroidery or surface texture does not need to be abstract in nature.  In my opinion it just need to fill an area..  This is a piece of mine which I have shown before.  There many awkward little patches I chose to ignore as individual pieces and covered the entire area..
This another of my pieces which had a bunny in an awkward corner and I used surface embroidery to make him a "thicket."  You might want to notice how I staggered the daisy clumps lower left so they filled the triangle.. Although not easy to see the lavender patch is filled with crystal rain drops from the cloud.

This next piece is by Sharon Boggon who is an absolute genius at surface embroidery.  I took this photo of the actual quilt in CT last spring.  What a treat to see the it "live."

This incredible piece was in my files and I have no idea who stitched it or how it came to be in my files.  If I had a name I lost it. If anyone knows, could you let me know because I am in love with it...

Note:  The mystery is solved here and I should have known...  This work was done by Ritva in Finland and I just talked about her exquisite needleskills yesterday..  She and I have been in many round robins together.

Not related to stitching but the kind of thing you remember once you become friends.... Ritva has a lovely very old church in her village and it is painted yellow...  I saved the picture as I intend to paint it on a button one day...

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  1. Hi Gerry!
    The block you asked is my work for Laurie Nuske in English Garden DYB. The block was so beautifully pieced with the girl silkie. It was a real flow to work on it.
    Thank you for your loving words!