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Monday, September 5, 2011

Something to think about!

When you are working on a piece of crazy quilting I want you to remember these two ladies.... They are both attractive and both well dressed... But one picture is definitely more interesting than the other and hopefully you will see why...

It's the curves of course... Recently I urged Lorraine to add curves to her button trail and I did the same with Susan's peacock tail and water ripples...

Curves create interest...curves add movement..... curves move the eye...  Whenever you add a curve element you improve the composition of your CQ.  I guarantee it!  This is not hard to do if you just keep it in the back of your mind as you work... I hope you can do that by remembering these two women..

Some things lend themselves naturally to curves... like flower sprays and dragonflies.

And hummingbirds who curve so beautifully when they hover... The hummer on the left is from the cover of a recent EGA magazine... Which hummer is more interesting because of curves?

This is not a hard thing to do, you just have to be aware of it... So I'm putting this post up to give you something to think about for the next couple weeks.  I have a million things to get done before I am able to leave for the retreat and will not post again until I get home.. You can still send me pictures of blocks though and I will work on them and post them after I get back... Soooooooooooooooooooooooo
when you are doing button trails, flower sprays, dragonflies etc......


  1. All of my chubby life I have been waiting for curves to be in style! Have fun at the retreat. I made my mock up of my Boho bag. I wanted to be sure I liked the pattern. Thanks again for the putting together those kits, it makes getting started so much eaiser.

  2. OK girl, I'll think curves. Shouldn't be hard to do as I have enough "curves" so to speak...

  3. Another wonderful round of ideas! The curving was something I just recently grabbed onto and it has really improved my CQing.