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Sunday, August 28, 2011

A Frame to Make You Smile

Sometimes I run across some crazy quilting that's so delightful that it leaves me smiling all day...  This block is so delightful and creative it has had me grinning all week whenever I think of it.  It's the work of Cathy LaBath and she confided to me that she was sipping a little homemade wine while she was working on it...

I did several posts on "framing" an image but this will be my all-time favorite.. Look at everything she has used to create her rainbow frame... embroidery, beads, buttons, ribbon work and all in such a delightful and varied ways...  I urge you to take a minute to really look at it closely..

I can certainly see how I could adapt this to other CQ....everybody needs a rainbow now and then...

At one time I was paralysed by having to work on such strong color but was cured by Laurie B... Even still it's a challenge to work with...  I bought DMC's neon colors for just such blocks because most of the threads and ribbons in my stash are just washed out next to it.  The blocks were done by Misty.  Now I find strong intense colors joyful and applaud people who use them....

Anyway I love Cathy's solution and where can I get some of that wine?


  1. Wow, this truly is a fantastic block. I can’t even imagine undertaking something like this …. starting with a naked block and just going for it. Fearless! And what beautiful results. Kudos to Cathy Labath! Hugs, Cat K

  2. It's gorgeous! I'm always afraid of strangling the image or overdoing the embellishments.

  3. In this day and age everyone needs a smile. Glad to be of assistance.