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Monday, August 22, 2011

Just a little update....

Since I was just talking about surface texture vs. motifs, here is an example I ran across today..  Berta did this little school of fishes for an UTS rr she's in... They're especially nice because she's captured the movement of a school of fish.... They quietly fill a space  and add texture which is my criteria for "surface texture..."

Also found this example in my picture files of a spider hanging out of his web  ...  I mentioned this earlier when talking about Lorraine's block... Here is a great example of making the most of the spider, the web, and the block.... The shape of the web is really effective because it fills the diagonal element of the block. And the spider is showcased as if on a stage... So if you are going to have your spider "hanging out" make sure you don't lose it...   Unfortunately I don't have a name of who did this... If it's yours or you know whose work it is, I would love to give them credit for a job well done...

I'm trying to work out a better system for cross referencing the data I'm collecting for block talk...  There's so much wonderful stuff out there.   I'm also woefully behind on the emails so if you've send me a request or question... I will get caught up eventually.. I want to also thank all the stitchers who have taken the time to write and tell me they find this block useful...


  1. I love seeing your views on CQ blocks. I always see something I might have missed. Thanks for sharing with us all.

  2. That spider is stunning on that background. What a great use of that bead. The contrast is wonderful and so is that bead work on the web. I may have to try letting my next spider "hang out"!