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Sunday, January 13, 2013

My two cents for student Kathy

This is a block Kathy did in a previous crazy quilting class...  She said she would never finish it and saw it as a total failure..  And I  saw it as fixable and a   spectacular block...First the block was not securely attached to the foundation and the stitching area was not defined... Absolute MUSTS in my book...

I love the fabric (with one exception) and her color choices... The lace suits the era and so does the bits of glitz.  I love the rose theme and light blue  echoed.  It is sooooooooooooooooo Victorian and vintage looking.

There is really not all that much to fix after it is secured to the foundation and the stitching area defined.

1. This fabric doesn't work.. She has a lovely green brocade upper right.  It or something similar to replace it would be best...

2. She was a novice with seam stitching and it shows in spacing etc.  This is what we are covering next week in class and this is easily remedied (rip it) and redoing would be good practice.

3.  A little glitz is good but the mass of sequins is overpowering... Remove a few or all... (rip it)

4.  I love blue patch at the bottom  but there isn't enough fabric to square the block and an added patch here could shorten the the blue patch.  I would use green I think...

5.  Kathy has put  a lot of surface beading along here which will be lost when the block is squared... so making the block larger would save her beautiful beading..

NOW here is my vision for this block...    

Photoshop of course

I found this image with a rose-patterned kimono which were so popular in Victorian times... This kimono echos perfectly the rose velvet print lower left. After adding a spray of ribbon roses to echo the roses in center I would make the rest of the block an exercise in unique and elegant fans....lots of them.. And add lovely layered seams goes without saying...

Spectacular...right? and that's my


  1. Oh for high-speed computer access - it took me 3 different tries at different times for the second picture with all the numbers to load but it finally did so that I can see which areas matched the numbers. I was very pleased when my pick for the fabric that didn't work was the same as yours :). One more learning experience from your blog. I love the lady in the kimono picture. The pink roses in the center fabric and trailing down the side shift the focus and give the pink rose fabric more emphasis by making it part of the frame. And, of course, the fans are the perfect touch. You rock!

  2. That is a sumptuous block! Love the deep warmth to it. Your ideas for it are pretty spectacular as well.

    While the fabric in the upper left doesn't seem to work, I think with the right embellishment, it could really set it off and add a bit of light to an already dark (though beautiful) block. I imagine it with a large spray of deep reddish/purplish black roses and rich gold filler flowers.

    Always love seeing what you would do with these blocks that someone else thinks are a impossible!

  3. Gorgeous as usual ..... that 2 cents is worth at least a "buck and a half" ....