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Tuesday, November 13, 2012

It can be easy being green

 You may  have a problem getting 3-4 shades of green to blend well together but you can't go wrong using 12-15 shades of green...  I'm repeating a 2010 post because it addresses this problem and directly relates to the [previous post.

(2010): Cheryl A. brought this green block to show me when we were in CT for the CQ Adventure... It is from a tone-on-tone RR and was made by Cathy L. It will be a great exercise in using contrast without depending on color. After she showed it to me and then we weren't able to connect again to discuss it . That night at dinner Cathy K, Diane M and I began discussing green plants, animals, etc. to use as a focal point... Sharon had had a fantastic Brazilian grasshopper which would be great and we thought of alligators, frogs, turtles, lizards and various bugs....I thought maybe even a John Deere tractor.

But if it were me doing a the block I immediately think of birds and a parrot or parakeets would be at the top of my list. When I start looking at images to do a bird I am especially looking for birds that are "doing" something or in an interesting position such as both of these photos..The bird eating is a photo from the archives at this site.. a fantastic site for anyone loving birds...do visit it... I'd probably do the bird in embroidery on a hoop or it could be printed and appliqued on... but another great option is a method Alison Aller is using a lot and would work here beautifully. She would print the parrot on fabric, add fusible interfacing, cut it out, and iron it on the block. So now we have added our first contrast... size! The parrot immediately changes the perspective of the piece... Then I would begin finishing the seams in as many ways I could think of using stitches of vines and leaves wandering here and there on the block... starting to work on another contrast...texture! Then I'd add branches using a heavy perle such as a 3....bringing the parrot to the foreground... Another contrast... dimension!

To further these steps I'd add the largest leaves using heavier threads, ribbons and textured threads such as velour with maybe even weaving some leaves attached only at the branch. As the final steps why not including a dragonfly with green organza wings and a jeweled body...and maybe a hide a lovely tree frog and even a salamander...  So to sum it up we have used all greens but have added variety and interest with contrasts in dimension, size, and texture...

Addendum:  Later I was able to see Cheryl's solution which was very clever indeed... a green man tree... I went looking for a photo of it this morning with no luck...  I'm hoping if Cathy L. or Cheryl read this post they will send me a picture of her block..


  1. I'll try to remember to take a picture this weekend and send it along. I love the green man.

  2. Gerry, did you get the photo I emailed of the Green Man??? Sometimes I think my emails to you are blocked!