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Sunday, March 11, 2012

More gold from the Fool's Gold RR.
Flora in Washington state was doing this block for Kerry...  Kerry had specifically asked for a romantic look... 

The same time Flora  was doing  her bird in Washington, clear across the country Barbara was working on a gold bird for Maire.

And everyone was watching as Kerry worked on Wendy's block.  Wendy specified no color other than gold and wanted a peacock theme... The entire feather is chain stitch with gold thread.  I am getting this set next and have a design in mind already.

I love looking for gold I sent out in the packet and the tail on the peacock is a gold mesh ribbon I found in California...  I will want to use it also somewhere

I had request Jacobean flowers and color and this is the block Maire did for me.  I love the flower and the color....  I will be tempted though to outline the flower with gold cord when it comes home... just to set it off...

Finally Cathy L. did this block for Karen in Australia.  Cathy really got creative with her materials and the grape theme was really an ideal choice... You need to go to Cathy's blog to see how she did the leaves and butterfly.  The colors on this set of block is just so festive... I haven't seen Karen's booklet but I'm thinking it would be fun to do a dragon on one of her blocks...

In about 5 more days the first rotation will be over and the block will all be traveling.  I can't remember when I've enjoyed a RR so much...


  1. Really interesting to watch the progression of this RR. Very innovative uses of gold!

  2. Gerry, Adorei as peças, muito bonita. Adorei seu Blog, sou do Brasil. Abraços, Algecira