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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Makeover for Kerry

On rare occasions a round robin will break down...Sometimes it is because what was chosen was too difficult for a participant, someone will get ill, someone has to quit or blocks get backed up and have to be moved on unfinished... But in this particular round robin I think ALL of the above happened..  Kerry Leslie and I were in this Beaded Round Robin together... I was third in the rotation to get her block after someone was ill and someone had quit...  This is the block when it arrived to me. It was pretty bare and what was even worse Kerry had expressed a wish for dragonflies on her block and there were only the two tiny ones.

Since there was only one person after me I had to make a BIG splash in a short time. I set about to make as many dragonflies as I could and do them all differently...  The big focal point is the dragonfly in the circle and the others pretty much blend into the patches... especially those lower left...  I did leave a little room for the last stitcher and hoped she add another dragonfly... but she didn't.

Over the years this block came up occasionally in email exchanges and at retreats and Kerry said she had always been meaning to renovate this block and make it truly a dragonfly block...  Since I had enjoyed doing all the dragonflies in the first place I had her send it along and set about remaking it....

Once I had cleared it of anything non-dragonfly it looked pretty much like this... At this point I decided to make another change also...  All the fabric were lovely and all were in the same value range except  the one lower right..  So I put it on my bulletin board and auditioned various alternatives...

After trying the several colors you see here I decided on a medium green..

So I added all the  beaded greenery and even more brass dragonfly charms which I painted with alcohol inks and I moved the original dragonfly charms to upper right...

There are dragonflies with lace wings, jewelry wings, metal filigree wings, organza wings to name a few and then I was left with the new green patch lower left  and Connie K. suggested putting a frog there and that just tickled my fancy..  So here is my whimsical frog on felt in frog heaven with all the dragonflies..

But as in the case with Janet's block I am leaving a decision for Kerry with this block...  At the end I was debating whether to remove the purple lace-winged dragonfly.  Here it is either way...


  1. Please leave my gorgeous purple dragonfly on there Gerry! I love each and every one of the dragonflies... Thank you so much for rescuing this block - this is the one I have always wanted to get framed and hang on the wall and now at last I will be able to. THANK YOU!!

  2. I love the purple dragonfly!!! It would be a shame to delete it! This block is gorgeous!
    Sandi Mannen

  3. Leave the dragonfly! The block is now lovely!

  4. Gerry, you have done an excellent job in making this block a true dragonfly habitation! It is just beautiful!