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Saturday, October 1, 2011

What makes your day!!

I don't know what makes your day but getting a "You're awesome" from Susan Elliot made my day yesterday.  She posted about the butterfly on her Audrey block and asked for opinions on the size of her butterfly.... And you know as always I had an opinion... not on the size though so sent the following email and this photoshop editing:

"I think the size of the butterfly is fine a little larger or smaller..and the pink is delightful... It is with the orientation that I have a suggestion...  It is starting to look like everything will be converging  on her head.  How about orienting the butterfly to the lettering and leave the lovely quiet spot on the left of her head since the right is busy... Since it's a Tiffany pin, attaching it to the sign "Tiffany" seems appropriate"  And it seems to anchor that corner.  Just a thought.  Gerry"

She agreed but wanted to see how it looked with flowers to the left of Audrey's head as that had been another suggestion so I put that into photo shop!

So after a little more photoshop tinkering and a bunch of emails she wrote:

"You're awesome!  OK...I agree...through the head doesn't work...I totally like them over on the left and it does help unify the piece.  YAY!.........................   
P.S.  You can use the whole thing on your block talk if you'd like...I mean...you already did all the photoshop work and somebody might learn something...Thanks again!"

She is so close to finishing and is now making more flowers to go by the butterfly...  We're all waiting with baited breath to see the final version.... 

If you don't have someone to talk about some decisions...  put your work up on a wall and think and study it a bit or photograph it and put it up on the computer screen... Things really pop out then...  But the most fun is having a friend to talk things through... but then you can always send it to "Block Talk" also...


  1. Oh what a great post! I too have been following along on Susan's blog and her block is just wonderful! I'm so glad you could help her out. Love your posts! If you need more blocks to give opinions on let me know...I'm sure to have a couple of photos in this clutter somewhere.

  2. You ARE awesome...amazing...and so generous.