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Friday, May 27, 2011

More block modification...

I discussed this block a little when I did it last year. It was Jeanne's block in a "seams only". I had three areas I wanted to change..

1. I wanted the orange patch to appear bigger and make the lavender patch beneath it a little more interesting shape. 
2. The teeny tiny corner patch upper right was just too small so I either had to make it appear larger or disappear.

3. The long narrow patch lower left just had to disappear..

First the orange patch.... I put a purple ribbon on a very wide orange ribbon and stitched it at the very lower edge of the orange patch making the orange patch look larger... By putting it at a slight angle it changed the shape of the lilac patch below it.. You don't have to ALWAYS follow the seam//

I used the same treatment to solve two different problems (#2 & #3)... an extra large bold seam.... 
and it made #2 (tiny triangle) seem larger by again putting it on the very edge of the patch. and #3 (long narrow strip) seem to disappear.

The bold seams are always an excellent way to draw OR focus attention on a block


  1. I LOVE this blog Gerry, and have learned so much from your posts already. This post, has helped me with a couple problems I'm having with a block right now. You're a CQ genius!

  2. Thanks so much for setting up this blog Gerry. I love your work and this blog is so helpful.

  3. This blog is SO interesting to read. Thank you for sharing your creative insight. It was a pleasure to meet you in CT!

  4. Hi Gerry, this is going to be such a great blog....I enjoyed reading about this particular block on lengthening the orange patch.....I have a patch on a block that I am going to use this suggestion.....thank you ever so much for your insight and ideas that will be put into action on this new blog.....